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How to change limiting beliefs about money..

What is a limiting belief?

A limiting belief is one that causes life to be less than completely satisfying.

A belief of any kind is an expression of an experience you’ve had in your life.

It’s not a fact! Just because you believe it doesn’t mean it’s the only truth that’s available.

“Beliefs have the power to create and the power to destroy. Human beings have the awesome ability to take any experience of their lives and create a meaning that disempowers them or one that can literally save their lives.” — Tony Robbins

Limiting beliefs have more of a negative impact on your life than any other factor.

Humans can’t help but learn, but sometimes we learn things that are inaccurate.

The good news is,you can eliminate limiting beliefs and replace them with beliefs that empower you.

Here’s a short example around money:

I’ll never be wealthy.Rich people are dishonest.

I’ll never have enough money to have a nice house.

If I’m rich, people will try to steal from me.

My friends will treat me differently if I have a lot of money.

Can you see why it would be difficult to make a lot of money if you believe these things?

Most Common Limiting Beliefs About Money & How to Remove Them

1. “Money is the root of all evil.”

Money was created as an exchange medium for the value of traded goods. So it is just an expression of value.

If you have a lot of money that means that you have created a lot of value, for other people.

Replace it with this supporting belief:

“Money is neutral and a resource to do good in my life.”

2. “Money doesn’t buy happiness.”

Happiness comes from being good, doing good, and having good people in your life, while spending your time on worthwhile pursuits.

Replace it with this supporting belief:

“Money can buy the resources and choices to create a good life for myself and others.”

3. “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.”

This is really a big excuse. It is especially an disempowering belief because it gives away your responsibility to care for your money situation.

And whenever you give up responsibility you also lose power and influence over your life.

Replace it with this supporting belief:

“My financial reality is entirely up to me.” 

4. “My family has never been rich.”

The past does not equal the future. So take responsibility of your own life and learn to improve your financial life today.

Replace it with this supporting belief:

“I can create my financial independence by learning and acting on it.”

5. “I never have money to spare.”

A lot of people find their expenses increasing as their income increases, so that they are always balancing on the brink of not having enough.

They cover all their expenses, but no matter how much they earn, there is never any to spare.

The problem is there is no room in this belief for you being good at managing money, so…

Replace it with this supporting belief:

“I manage my money effectively so I can create even more.”

6. “I can either do what I love or make money.”

When you’ve watched your parents working hard in unrewarding jobs because they have to support their families it’s understandable that you would develop this perspective.

It’s an understandable belief but it’s incredibly limiting, let’s see if we can’t reframe it:

“I can make money doing what I love; my passion will lead to profit.”

7. “You have to work too hard to get wealthy.”

You don’t get wealthy by working hard (only), you get wealthy by doing the right things. And it all starts with adopting the right mindset towards money.

And one part of it is to look for the smart way to get wealthy. Not in a sense of looking for a quick fix or doing questionable things, but by understanding what leads to wealth.

This means understanding how you can create real and lasting value for others and then offering it for a good price. This is true whether you are a business-owner, self-employed or employed.

Replace it with this supporting belief:

“To get wealthy I just provide real value for others and ask for a good price.”

Expose Your Own Limiting Beliefs About Money

You can find your beliefs all by yourself: Complete these two sentences to find your beliefs about money:

1. I’m not financially free, because ___________.

2. I’d love to have more money, but ___________.

You can use “because” and “but” for exposing your limiting beliefs for any situation. Maybe you want to adapt the sentences a little to fit your needs.

Then try to come up with supporting beliefs about money as in the 10 examples above and overwrite the old limiting beliefs by affirmations.

For instance repeat your new found supporting belief while you are jogging, relaxing, in the morning or before you go to bed.

Good luck and I wish you an abundant financial future!

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