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7 Reasons You Should Make More Money.

Updated: May 22

Making money is important because It is simply empowering. Never underestimate the power of financial freedom. The confidence it gives you to stick to your choices and make decisions independently is unbeatable. It gives you an assertive voice.

Below are 7 reasoms for you to make more money:

1) It makes you more of who you are, it is a magnifier. This is unfortunate to the jerks of the world but great news for the compassionate, creative and nice people of the world.

2) The access to the money (not necessarily the pursuit of it), reduces your stress and the stress of those closest to you. When there is a divide between how much money you think you should have and how much you actually have, it causes stress.

3) You have the option to be more charitable, not just to charities, but also to those you love.

4) You will spend more. Spending is critical to keep jobs of those in your community, city, country. If no one is making money, no one is spending money and employees cannot be paid.

5) You can send your parents on vacation. This is something I have done and am about to do again, your parents put up with all your crap for so long, reward them!

6) You show your kids that for them to make more money is okay. There is no need or logic to raising kids to think they are going to have a life of struggle.

7) When you make more money it can be adapted to enhance what you like to do. Let me give you an example. We can be big on material things when we make a lot of money. What is important is that we learned that stuff got old after awhile but what didn’t was experiences. We love to travel and now with lot of money, we can do the things one would never have thought of spending money on. It is funny though, it is NOT that much more money to have an amazing time than to have an OK time.

When you find ways to pursue whatever you choose to, you will find the true meaning and a purpose to your life. Money is the by-product you get as a result of this.

Wealth can liberate you.

So, Don't hold back in any way and make as much money as posible for you and your famly.

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